Relationships are the building blocks of society. They are also the foundation of our personal lives.

The good relationships we have with people bring us happiness and satisfaction, while bad relationships lead to unhappiness and frustration. In this article, we will talk about how to maintain and foster good relationships with people.

Why do we need to have good relationships?

Good relationships are necessary for a healthy and happy life. They help us to feel good and we need them, both emotionally and physically. But building a good relationship requires work. There is no such thing as a perfect romance that just happens. You need to make an effort to maintain your relationship, keep the lines of communication open and really listen to each other.

A healthy relationship consists of the following: trust, respect, open communication and accountability.

  • Trust

In a good relationship, you can be vulnerable and be your authentic self, both in your thoughts and actions because you trust the other person.

  • Respect

Respect the other person and do not dismiss their point of view. When you're arguing, fight fair. Keep the focus on the issue and stop arguments over things that cannot be changed.

  • Open Communication

All good relationships depend on open, honest communication. Be connected and engaged in your relationship. Effective communication is a fundamental part of an healthy relationship. Make it meaningful, make it fun, make it matters. Quality time and face to face is important.

  • Accountability

Make it a good habit to cultivate respect and listen to each other. Know that you are not perfect, but neither the other person. To have a healthy relationship, be honest, recognize and regulate your own feelings. Practice Mindful Listening to keep each other happy. By doing so you can avoid arguments and reinforce mutual love and respect for one another.

A Good Relationship starts with Good communication

by Ernesto😁

Learn to give and take

Healthy relationships are built on compromise. It’s important to listen. Use Active Listening skills and not be the one just waiting for your turn to speak. Do both Give and Take. It’s a good way to show appreciation and cultivate love to reaffirm the other person, let them know that they do matter.

Be Open minded in Conflict

A minor conflict can often ruin a very good relationship. Learn to practice those things to strengthen your relationship with your friends and partner.

  • Fight fair and respect the other person

  • Learn to forgive, resolving a conflict is a very important skill and will help rebuild trust

  • Learn to let go and move on from the past. Regurgitate all past mistakes from your partner only make matter worse.

  • Sometimes, take a break or know when to walk away