What is the cause of lack of motivation?

Lack of motivation is a common problem that can be caused by many different factors. Some of the most common causes are stress, lack of enjoyment in the task, or not feeling like it's worth your time.

Personal triggers are like buttons, they cause a strong and often immediate response. It is important to learn what is yours and what those of others may be. Fear of failure is a common feeling that many people experience. However, the triggers of it can vary depending on the person. Some people feel claustrophobic in their own skin while others are paralyzed by self-doubt. It is important to identify these triggers and figure out how to combat them.

Let’s get started

A good way to start overcoming procrastination is to make a list of the tasks that you need to complete and then prioritize them by their importance and urgency. The first step in overcoming procrastination is setting up specific goals with deadlines.

Sometimes we have to have a plan in order to overcome procrastination. We may need to set ourselves up for success by breaking down the task into smaller, more manageable parts, setting deadlines, or committing to completing a certain number of tasks each day.

Our 7-days Success Plan to complete your Objective

1) Day 1: Make a list of small manageable tasks

Discuss and review with a support person (e.g.: friend, parent, siblings, therapist, counselor). This person can hold you accountable and give you feedback to accomplish the various tasks that you created. A good support person is one who is reliable and knowledgeable, and one who can assist you and challenge you in your personal growth.

2) Day 2: Prioritize the tasks and deadlines

Reorganize your tasks daily. When a task is too large, break it down into measurable goals.

3) Day 3-5: Take action, execution of the various tasks

Now, time for action and execution of your tasks. Take notes of any challenges and new learning and skills that you have developed.

4) Day 6: Measure your success, reward and reach to your support for accountability

Analyze, reflect and review with your support and/or authority person to check-in with you and review your success. Reward yourself for your success. Measure your success and evaluate how your new skills will help you grow and could possibly be in the service of other people.

5) Day 7: REST

Try other things you enjoy. Catch up with a friend, watch your favorite movie or go to an event. You do those things for the reason that they are part of the things you love. It’s an opportunity for your mind to take a break and see things differently.

Consider doing this at the start of a new week. Come back to this plan when you need to break and complete a task for completion.